About you

Everyone is different, that's what makes all of us so brilliant.  It doesn't matter if you're short, tall, big, small...whatever your starting point I can help you become the best you can be.  You might have tried diets, classes, maybe even personal training in the past, only to find yourself reaching for the chocolate once more, feeling rubbish, demoralised & like it's a hopeless cause.  Life has taken over, your spirit has gone out of the window & the person you once were has gone with it.  We all have a right to look gorgeous & feel great; when we're in that place good things happen.  Whatever your personal goal is...training for a sports event, weight loss for your wedding, banishing the mum or dad bod, flexibility, strength, increasing happiness...if you're ready to change I can help you achieve it.  




Having a baby or recently had one?  I'm a specialist trainer in pre & post natal fitness, giving you peace of mind that you're being trained correctly & safely in relation to all that being pregnant does to your body.  Having a baby is a really big deal!


Are you worried about what you're eating?  I can help you make some easy changes to your way of eating to enable you to make healthier food choices & raise your awareness of how good nutrition can help you look & feel great.