So you'd like to get fit?

PLEASE NOTE: I currently have a waiting list for personal training.  If you would like me to train you please do get in touch either on 07969 979368 or, I will fit you in asap as training slots become available.   In the meantime you could try one of my general bootcamp style fitness sessions each week to start you on the right road.

Do you feel lethargic, unhealthy, unfit...unable to sustain any efforts you make to sort your lifestyle out?  Do you reach for the crisps instead of a crisp salad? Well, I really do understand what it's like to be overweight, unfit & unhappy. I also understand what it's like to be a busy person, dashing all over the place, trying to hold down a job as well as being the best parent/person/superhero you can be. Let me tell you a story...

10 years ago, prior to becoming pregnant & getting married I was fit, strong, regularly running 8-12 miles 3-4 times a week, & had a lean, toned body I was proud of. I felt great...happy, energised &, frankly, pretty sexy.

In May 2015 I was 24kg (that's nearly 4 stone) heavier than I am now.  I was constantly stressed, unhappy, very self conscious & depressed by how I looked. My underlying feeling when looking in the mirror or buying clothes was one of repulsion & I dreaded going anywhere that involved wearing anything that remotely showed my figure off.  I continuously beat myself up about how I had let myself become like that.  I was emotionally & physically in a vicious downward spiral, withdrawing into myself.  Then, one morning, my mindset shifted & I chose to change.

I decided I didn't want to live that way anymore. Being a candidate for a heart attack, diabetes & antidepressants was not going to force its way onto my list of life achievements. I didn't want my child growing up in an atmosphere of unhappiness.  Instead I started to actively focus on the good things in my life & how I wanted my life to be.

It wasn't long before the weight started to go, I began to sleep better & I became very interested in how I ate, what I ate & the right nutrition can not only help to make you look & feel great, but how you can literally eat yourself happy.  I started exercising again & found I was becoming more positive about life. I decided to combine a couple of the things that make me happy (being fit & my interest in food) with work & set about creating Move It Look Fab, as well as making a few other changes to my life.

Now I'm a fully qualified Personal Trainer & a specialist in pre & post natal exercise. I'm slim, fit & no longer at risk of dying early because of my weight.  I'm also a single mother, juggling life between work, school & home.  I'm happy, eating well & sleeping well, most of all though I've got my joie de vivre back & I feel fabulous once more!

Would you like to do the same?  I can help!  I love my job...helping clients achieve their goals is wonderful.  All you need to do is choose to commit.  I will be there to train you, motivate you, push you when it gets tough, cheer you on when you succeed.  I'll get your endorphins pumping & your muscles moving to help you nail your goals.  When you feel good good things happen...







Wayne Fields